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Angelina Ballerina is based on the picture storybook series created by Chicago author Katherine Holabird & famed illustrator Helen Craig in 1982. The animated children's TV series is a hand drawn 2D creation produced by Grand Slamm Childrens Films and distributed by HIT Entertainment and debuted on the BBC in 2002. The show is targeted toward preschool aged children and introduces classical music and encourages young children to learn ballet.

Angelina is an aspiring young prima ballerina mouse at "Miss Lily's School for Girls" in the Mouseland village of Chipping Cheddar. Miss Lily is her idol. Her father is Maurice Mouseling who owns "The Mouseland Gazette" while her mother, Matilda, stays home taking care of baby sister Polly. Alice is Angelina's best friend from ballet school and little cousin Henry oftentimes hangs out with them. Let's not forget Mrs Hodgepodge, the distrusting, grumpy next door neighbor. Twins Penelope and Priscilla Pinkpaws are rivals bent on getting the best of Angelina.

Angelina is voiced by actress Finty Williams. Her ballet teacher, Miss Lily, is voiced by Finty's real life mother, Dame Judi Dench. Music is composed by Colin Towns, delivering airy ballet style tracks. The English National Ballet toured with a stage version in 2007 called Angelina's Star Performance aimed at children.

Trivia: Angelina is inspired by Holabird's family experiences including her daughters Tara & Alexandra. Her son Adam is a basis for Angelina's cousin Henry. Holabird used to dance with her three sisters. Feel free to look around a bit.

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